What’s in a storyboard: the importance of creating a plan before you animate

What’s in a storyboard: the importance of creating a plan before you animate

What’s in a storyboard: the importance of creating a plan before you animate

A storyboard is a vital step in the animation process in which still frames that illustrate the storyline are planned out and drawn ahead of time. They may be arranged by scene or chapters. It is a plan or outline for your animation project that shows a frame-by-frame display of how the piece will unfurl from start to finish.

It may appear at first glance to be a disposable stage that one can skip over to save time or money. It may seem like an unnecessary extra step as you begin, but in the long run, it is a good idea to see the storyboard all the way through. You will end up discovering that a good storyboard can help your animation, or any design process such as a commercial for your business, run more smoothly from start to finish.
By completing your story board in advance, you can ultimately work more efficiently. You will have a solid reference guide to look back at as you continue working on your animation. Your animation will be more likely to remain synonymous with the original concept and story as you move forward in the artistic process.

A storyboard ensures that you will know exactly how each scene needs to play out in the final animation without devoting any of your precious time to parts that will be cut out of the finished product. Editing is almost always going to take place, and by having a well-planned animation project, you can actually do some editing beforehand and save time and effort. With animation being such a labor-intensive, detail-oriented artistic process, any of your or other artists’ time spent needlessly is also a loss of profit in the long run.

Displaying the story line and characters in an easy-to-see physical representation can be very beneficial to the creative process and its refinement. You can weed out any discrepancies in plot, and the characters can go through a very helpful phase of development as the dialogue and situations begin to form in the physical realm. Your storyboard will clarify what needs to be done to make your animation development a success.

Storyboards also make it easier when working with a team to really show exactly what you have in mind. You will not have to explain your ideas and hope that everyone imagines it in the same way. You will be able to communicate more effectively the direction the project needs to go. Others working on the project can easily pinpoint problems, ideas, and suggestions to improve the animation long before it enters the final stages.

They can also be beneficial when presenting an idea for a project to a team manager or client. By showing your storyboard, you will also be showcasing your efficiency, your vision, and the quality of the work that others can expect from you. A potential client will know in advance that your ideas for their project are a fit or a mismatch, and you will be prepared to already take it to the next level.

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