Ways to Get New Work as a Freelancer

Ways to Get New Work as a Freelancer

Ways to Get New Work as a Freelancer

Getting new work seems to be a daunting task for a freelancer. Especially when using the Internet as a means to seek out work, it can feel like you may as well be sending your resume off into a black hole in space when you consider how much competition there is for seemingly few jobs. There is hope, though. You just have to know where to look, and understand how to make yourself more visible and appealing to potential clients. The following are some effective ways in which a freelancer can get new work:

1. Actively pursue work rather than waiting for it to come to you.

Contact previous clients with a short greeting to let them know you are still available. If they see your name again, it may remind them how pleasant it was working with you. If they have new projects, they might think of hiring you again. Many prospective buyers do not look through the countless profiles and resumes available to them and instead only consider those who have made their presence and intentions known.

2. Consider looking in unusual places.

Drop a line to a former teacher or co-worker. They might have a lead you could pursue. Tell friends and family members the type of work you are seeking and ask if they can keep an ear and eye open for you. Take a stack of business cards with you to a party. Try rewording a search for work online. Leave no stone unturned in your search.

3. Revamp your profile or website.

Make sure that all of your spelling and grammar is correct and that everything is organized. No matter what your resume looks like, if you are using improper writing and including language reserved for texts and social networking, potential clients will most likely pass you by. Provide samples of all types of work you are willing to accept. Update your photo or reconsider its professionalism. Use keywords and phrases so that potential clients can easily identify your skill set.

4. Take a second look at your requested rate of pay.

If you don’t have much experience, it’s easy to assume that asking for a low hourly rate will increase your chances of getting hired. However, clients may worry that choosing the lowest rate will get them the lowest quality. Alternatively, if you have ample experience and work history but can’t seem to get hired, you may be overcharging. Spend some time investigating what a fair wage is for your skill level.

5. Sign up for an online website for freelancers.

There are a ton of them out there, and you can browse job listings in many different areas. On these websites you can choose to look for jobs that suit your skills or you can make a keyword rich profile and let clients seek you out.

6. Promote yourself.

Add your professional information to your email or message board signature. Write some free articles that include contact information for hiring in the byline. Self-publish a book online. People who read popular blogs may see a comment you make and end up on your freelancing website. The possibilities are endless, and any small amount of publicity for yourself could lead to a job.

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