The pros and cons of auto posted content


The pros and cons of auto posted content

There is a lot of controversy about the effectiveness and morality of auto-posting content to a blog. With many relevant arguments on both sides of the debate, it may be hard for you to narrow it down and really discover how you feel about the issue. Maybe you are considering setting up automation for your own blog, or perhaps you have recently discovered that one of your favorite blogs is auto-posted and you aren’t quite sure how you feel about that. Here are some of the pros and cons of this growing phenomenon:

PRO: For many bloggers, especially ones who maintain multiple blogs, using automated plugins on their websites can take a load off their mind. With different posting times to keep track of, setting up automation can ensure that your content is always right on time for your readers.

CON: By autoposting, you take one of the key elements out of social networking – the social part. While it may seem like a good idea for your business or blog to always seem present in the social networking scene, it may alienate some potential readers who don’t want to feel like they are simply feeding into some machine. It can be a fine line to walk between automating and spamming.

PRO: If you live in a different time zone than your readership, you don’t have to worry about keeping strange hours to meet expectations and deadlines. By setting up automatic times for your unique blog posts to become available online, you can ensure that no one is left waiting to hear the latest from their favorite blog. Also, you may not have Internet access at the exact time that you need to make a post to your blog.

CON: You can’t always respond immediately and appear to be interactive with your audience if you are asleep or out of pocket. For many people, one of the greatest parts of the blogging phenomenon is the fact that they get to interact with the author and get or give feedback in real time. By automating your posts, you are putting up the false appearance of availability.

PRO: It can be simple and effective to allow plugins to generate automatic responses to particular types of communication such as responding to friend requests and sending thank yous to users when they add you on a social networking platform. For those who must deal with a high volume of fans or readers, automation can allow you to make everyone feel seen and heard.

CON: Many people don’t take kindly to automatically generated responses. Many say they would rather receive no thank you than to receive one that appears to be automatic. Often, users end up deleting those things that they suspect are not real human beings responding to their communication.

PRO: Nowadays, there are even automated programs available that can generate content for your blog or website drawing from things already posted on the Internet. This can be a huge time and money saver. You no longer have to slave away to write and research original content, or hire a professional to do so for your company.

CON: The content will never be your content. Also, there is no way of predicting what the outcome will be. The automation will create its content randomly using the brain of a machine rather than that of an individual, so the end result could be something you didn’t have in mind.

PRO: Using automated blogging tools ensures that your blog is consistently updated with new information. This will give you higher priority in search results as well as make you appear popular, authoritative, and current.

CON: High volumes of content don’t always equate quality. It can be detrimental to your project to have a lot of content with very little substance or credibility to it.

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