How to grow your Facebook Fan page & get more ‘likes’

How to grow your Facebook Fan page & get more ‘likes’

How to grow your Facebook Fan page & get more ‘likes’

Everyone and his brother is active on Facebook, and probably even Grandma is fine-tuning her public profile these days. Facebook and other comparable social networking sites have become a popular form of both communication for individuals and advertisement for businesses. You probably already know this, and may have a fan page already set up for yourself, your company, your product, or your service.

Are you available on Facebook but looking to increase your fan base? We all know the race for “likes” is an ongoing battle to receive a digital thumbs-up from consumers and fans. Here are some tips to increase traffic to your Facebook fan page and get more “likes” from visitors.

Cross-promotion is a very handy tool in the age of networking. Connect with an administrator for a fan page of another company in your area and see if they would be interested in sharing each other’s status update once in a while. If you own a fine restaurant, link up with a store that sells dress clothes. Making connections with businesses that share a target market can prove very beneficial.

Don’t forget to use your personal profile to promote your fan page. By occasionally tagging and linking to your fan page in a status update, your friends and family can “like” your fan or business page directly from the post. By linking to your fan page in the “work” section of your personal profile, your business name will show up in searches for your personal profile as well, increasing your visibility and the chances of someone stumbling upon your fan page. Also, add “like” boxes to your blog or website to make it easy to earn a few extra thumbs-up.

By commenting tastefully on other pages and content periodically, particularly those related to your product or service, you might spark interest in visiting your page as well. Including your Facebook information on business cards, in advertisements, and in your signature for emails and forums, you can utilize every move you make as a way to increase your fans.

Start a contest or giveaway. Nothing draws attention like an opportunity to win something or receive something for free. You can do this at minimal cost to you or your business, and it will generate a lot of interest. Many companies offer “sharing” of the post about the contest as the method of entry, which means your page will be advertised to all the friends and family members of each entrant.

When making posts, always address your viewers directly in a casual tone. By posing questions and asking for opinions or feedback, you will be more likely to get comments in response. This directly affects your visibility as Facebook uses a method for ranking pages and showing new activity based on the frequency of a user’s interaction with the pages they like.

It doesn’t take much time or effort to implement these strategies. Within no time you will see an increase in “likes” for your product or service. More “likes” leads to more business. Maximize your successful utilization of the social networking boom.

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