How to be Successful Selling on Ebay

How to be Successful Selling on Ebay

How to be Successful Selling on Ebay

Yard sales and flea markets seem to almost be a thing of the past with the advent of convenient, user-friendly online sales platforms such as eBay. At a yard sale, you sell your random belongings at a cheap price to whoever happens to come along, but with an estimated two million viewers daily, selling things on eBay offers the advantage of allowing people specifically looking for what you have to come to you with their best offer.

While eBay is straight forward, and you can easily jump right into selling, there are some important considerations to take in your pricing, listings, and other aspects of eBay vending. Whether casually selling a few excess possessions or hoping to open a highly lucrative eBay store, here are a few tips to ensure your utmost success.

One of the first things you will need to do is create a title for your listing. This should include keywords, brand names, model numbers, descriptive words, and other things you believe someone is likely to put in a search string when looking for that exact item. The more visible your item is for people looking for that specific item, the more likely that it will fetch a competitive price. There are options for making your heading stand out to viewers or adding subtitles, which can prove to be good investments if there are a lot of similar items listed.

Good pictures are vital to your success. Studies show that people most often buy items with aesthetically pleasing, well-lit photographs, even if there are similarly priced items of the same kind available. While there are many stock photos available for you to use in your listing, people usually prefer to see an actual photo of the item they are purchasing.

Next you will have to choose your price and selling format. You can do an auction, a “Buy it Now” listing, or offer both. If you think you have a sought-after item, an auction could prove rewarding as it lets people decide how much they are willing to pay for it. Also, auctioning often inspires higher bidding because people like the feeling of “winning” rather than “buying” something new. Offering the option to “Buy It Now” alongside an auction not only makes people nervous that the item may be sold before the auction ends, but also could fetch a higher price from someone who is worried they would miss the timing of the auction process.

Shipping is also an important factor. The more places you are willing to ship to, the larger your customer base is. Just make sure you have calculated the costs correctly so you don’t find an expensive surprise later when printing shipping labels. If you can offer free shipping, do it. People love to feel like they are getting a freebie.

Don’t overlook some of the useful tools eBay offers. Save time by using a template if you are listing a high volume of different items, or look into a Dutch auction if you have many of the same thing for sale. Search for your item and select the “completed listings” option to see how frequently similar items sell and for how much so you know exactly what you can expect.

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