Designer Showcase: The Unique & Inspiring WordPress Themes of AitThemes

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AitThemes Showcase & Interview

Creating quality WordPress themes is a competitive industry to choose, but AitThemes have not only become an incredibly successful group of designers and developers, but are a company on the forefront of excellence in design. Their themes are beautifully polished masterpieces of both aesthetical display, usability and coding, and their attention to detail is unmatched. In an exclusive interview, Designers Best Friend talks business with AitThemes.

Designer Profile

Name: AitThemes
Career Title: WordPress Theme Development Company
Country: Slovakia
Available for Commercial Projects: No
Contact Details: /


Are you able to describe who you are and what you do?
We’re a team of web designers and web developers that work together on creating WordPress themes. We really enjoy doing that as we can do exactly what we want to do.


How would you describe your portfolio?
Unique. We challenge ourselves to create always something new. We don’t want to follow trends, we want to dictate them simple smile Designer Showcase: The Unique & Inspiring Wordpress Themes of AitThemes


When did you first decide you wanted to pursue a creative career?
Hard to say for all team members, but all of us are working in this field for years. Few team members work in web business for 15 years now.


What is your favourite medium to work in?


How did you get to where you are today?
The beginning was hard and pretty slow as usual. We were releasing 1 theme in 2 months and we had to handle support forum as well. Our team was growing continuously with growing sales.

Since October 2009 we develop WordPress Themes for Themeforest. So far we’ve created 27 WordPress Themes, 3 HTML Templates and 2 Admin Templates.


What is the biggest challenge you have found, being in the creative industry?
The biggest challenge is to create something unique that will also talk to masses. I think the following quote describes it the best: In Rock you play 3 chords and have 1000 people listening, but in Jazz you play 1000 chords and have 3 people listening!


What inspires you?
Nature and successful people


Do you have an all time favourite piece of work you have created?
Arctica slider simple smile Designer Showcase: The Unique & Inspiring Wordpress Themes of AitThemes


Do you have a favourite colour or set of colours to work in?
Black / Blue / White


If you could give some advice to aspiring creative minds, what would it be?
Focus on your dream, hard work will make it come true 😀

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