Artist Showcase: The Whimsical Work of Luli Bunny

Designers Best Friend Artist Showcase: The Whimsical Work of Luli Bunny

Luli Bunny Artist Feature & Showcase

If you are fan of adorable animals, rainbows and toast, then the whimsical work of Luli Bunny is for you. This amazing illustrator from Argentina specialises in cute character design, and has a huge portfolio of beautifully illustrated traditional and digital pieces. In this exclusive interview Designers Best Friend talks to Luli about her inspirations and portfolio.

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Designer Profile

Name: Luli Bunny
Career Title: Illustrator
Country: Argentina
Available for Commercial Projects: Yes
Contact Details:


Are you able to describe who you are and what you do?
I am an illustrator specialized in cute character designs. I work for children books, greeting cards and other type of products.


How would you describe your portfolio?
Colorful, and whimsical simple smile Artist Showcase: The Whimsical Work of Luli Bunny Full of animals and many other creatures and characters.


When did you first decide you wanted to pursue a creative career?
I don’t really know when it was, just a natural process . What I can say is that I really enjoyed (and I am enjoying) it and I love to learn new things everytime.


What is your favourite medium to work in?
I work with pencil (mechanical or wood, preferently B) and digital, I am also working now a days with watercolors, but I am learning so haven´t upload many traditional illustrations yet.


How did you get to where you are today?

2 words: hard work. simple smile Artist Showcase: The Whimsical Work of Luli Bunny and also having fun, if you love what you do you enjoy it and that shows in the results


What is the biggest challenge you have found, being in the creative industry?
Everyday job is a challenge and that´s what´s fun, being able to discover new ways of doing things and learning a lot in the way.


What inspires you?
My Hamster, Music, Nature and Illustrators and designers I admire.


Do you have an all time favourite piece of work you have created?
I really don´t think so, I find something in everyone of them at least a tiny detail that brings memories even though many of hem get old as time goes by.

Mr Toastman is one of the characters I had a lot of fun creating

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Do you have a favourite colour or set of colours to work in?
Warm Happy colors, I really like blue too, but I think it depends on the mood I am.


If you could give some advice to aspiring creative minds, what would it be?
To work hard and never give up, to persue their dreams and no to get frustated if things get delayed or are difficult

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