Artist Showcase: The Delightfully Playful Art of Zambicandy

Kemono Ladies  by Zambicandy Designers Best Friend

Zambicandy Showcase & Interview

The delightfully playful work of Zambicandy is fresh, beautiful and elegant. It is no surprise that this extremely talented freelancer has over 1 million views on DeviantArt, with a portfolio which is as diverse as it is full of excellent art. Designers Best Friend talks ponies, sparkles and pink with US artist Zambicandy in this exclusive interview.

pink me finally by zambi d2mjwy5 197x300 Artist Showcase: The Delightfully Playful Art of Zambicandy

Designer Profile

Name: Zambicandy simple smile Artist Showcase: The Delightfully Playful Art of Zambicandy
Career Title: Freelance artist
Country: US
Available for Commercial Projects: Yes
Contact Details: kurai_mudou (@) yahoo dot com


Are you able to describe who you are and what you do?
I’m a child at heart who likes to make things that make me happy and I hope I can make others happy in the process.


How would you describe your portfolio?
Bright, colorful and cute.


When did you first decide you wanted to pursue a creative career?
I just wanted to make cute things and sell them because I saw other people were doing it. This was probably back in 2005? I have a horrible memory simple smile Artist Showcase: The Delightfully Playful Art of Zambicandy I’ve always liked cute stationery from Japan and wanted to make things just like it.


What is your favourite medium to work in?
This is a hard choice because there are bits and pieces I like in both. I really like how clean I can get my lines digitally and its much easier to get rid of mistakes. But I like how fast I’m able to draw on paper. Theres more freedom to it. I also love watercolors.


How did you get to where you are today?
Jumping face first into it.


What is the biggest challenge you have found, being in the creative industry?
I have a really hard time reading instructions, e-mails, and anything where I have to figure out how to set something up so I can make a product. I appreciate websites that make it simple and easy. It takes me hours to do everything and I wish I had a secretary…


What inspires you?
Technical details, shapes, curves, bright colors, monster girls, sultry eyes, pouty lips, naked ladies, fashion, Japan, friends, and things that I see and go “god I wish I came up with that”


Do you have an all time favourite piece of work you have created?
Right now my favorite piece is the one I did for Locketships 4 year anniversary. Its called Sparkleship. I’d like to do more like it in the future simple smile Artist Showcase: The Delightfully Playful Art of Zambicandy


Do you have a favourite colour or set of colours to work in?
I’m pretty obsessed with pink, purple and blue together.

If you could give some advice to aspiring creative minds, what would it be?
If you see something and go “god I wish I was that good” Let that desire push you and make art. Make stuff. Make it ALL THE TIME. As long as you’re loving what you do nothing else really matters.

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