8 great marketplaces to buy premium wordpress themes

8 great marketplaces to buy premium wordpress themes

8 great marketplaces to buy premium wordpress themes

Woothemes: This marketplace for themes for building your website has the advantage of being the brainchild of an enthusiastic and creative designer. It is updated often, and the themes reflect current trends and user feedback. It is considered to be a database of high quality themes with new features always being added. The pricing is higher than some of the other leading theme marketplaces, but you get what you pay for.


With moneymakers and online businesses specifically in mind in their designs, Themeforest boasts over 1700 WordPress themes alone that offer a huge variety of tools for your ecommerce venture. They employ what are considered to be world-class developers, and offer themes of varying price ranges. One of the only downsides is that they do not offer direct support for their themes. You must contact the theme developer if you have any issues as you begin building your website.

Elegant Themes:

Receiving great reviews in every category, this is a well-rounded source for WP themes. It offers many designs that are user-friendly and geared toward those who are inexperienced. As someone who started off small and worked his way up to being one of the top WP developers in the world, the designer of these themes knows how important it is for those just starting out in web building to have an easy-to-use format for their websites. It is also a good price, offering a flat fee for unlimited use of their entire catalog.


Great for professional, business-oriented websites or casual photo-heavy ones, this provider of WP themes is well-known for the high quality of its graphics. It has good ratings in functionality. It is a bit pricier than some of the others, so it may not be the best choice for a casual, non-commercial website, but the quality of the themes warrants paying a little more for them if you have the means to do so.

Theme Garden:

This WP theme marketplace is currently no longer available. Their website says they will be back soon, but until then, you will have to consider other options for constructing your webpage.


They release new themes regularly and have moneymaking through advertising in mind in their designs. However, some users complain that the features don’t always work properly or that the coding is difficult to comprehend. While not as sophisticated in their functionality as some others, they have reasonable prices and good graphics. Their designs are often simple, but business-oriented. Their customer support receives low ratings, with it often taking days to respond to questions, but they are usually available to talk to you any time.

Organic Themes:

Organic Themes offers some of the most easily-customizable WP themes. Even the inexperienced website builder can tailor the theme to his or her preferences. Most of the headers are single color, simple designs, but their graphics are high quality where they are used. They adhere to a philosophy of simplicity being the more beautiful route. They are a bit on the pricey side considering they only have a small selection of available themes.


Most of the themes available from Themeshift are monotone, offering a simple but refined look. Based out of Europe, they offer all themes and customer support translated into three languages, English, Spanish, and German. Most of the people who use themes developed by Themeshift rave about the functionality and great features that make website-building easy. Their pricing is right about in the middle of what one would expect to pay for good quality WP themes.

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