6 WordPress plugins to automate your blog

6 WordPress plugins to automate your blog

6 WordPress plugins to automate your blog

There are many new options for automating your blog. Here are some helpful reviews of popular WordPress plug-ins that would make your workload a little lighter:

1. Tweetily:

This plugin enables WordPress bloggers to automatically make posts to Twitter regarding new or popular content. It randomly selects material from your blog to tweet about, funneling traffic to your website without you lifting a finger. Also, with current tweets regularly showcasing your blog, you will keep up the appearance of a current site for the purpose of SEO and other aspects. You can customize the plug-in to automatically tweet at set intervals of your choosing, and it even links back to your blog for you.

2. Duplicate post:

Users can clone previous posts by using the Duplicate Post plugin on their WordPress site. This makes it easy to reuse formatting or other information to create a new post based on the template of another. You can choose which details are cloned each time, such as post date or attached files.

3. Media Library Alt Fields:

This plugin allows users to edit the alternative text for their images from the Media Library without having to individually pull up each image to edit. This is a very handy tool for search engine optimization of your blog’s or website‘s image content.

4. Publish to Schedule:

The Publish to Schedule plugin for WordPress enables the user to preset publishing times of their blog posts rather than staring at the clock to make sure things are posted on time. By choosing the date, time intervals, and other specific data for posts ahead of time, they will automatically be added. You can choose to post at a specific time or at a random time within a given interval if you wish to give the appearance that it is not automated. It is a very useful tool for bloggers who maintain more than one WordPress site as it can be very confusing when one has different post schedules for each blog.

5. Strictly Auto Tags:

With this helpful plugin, users can automatically generate tags that are relevant to their posts. Whether you already have existing tags, or typically use some of the same tags on most of your post, this automated plugin will optimize and prioritize keywords drawn from the text against your existing tags. You can choose the number of tags selected by the plugin, and it will generate a list in descending order of the most used tags in the post. It does not manage tags, so it can be can used in conjunction with other tag-related plugins as well. It may even help you to discover a new, helpful tag that you wouldn’t have ordinarily thought of or realized on your own.

6. Regenerate Thumbnails:

The automation Regenerate Thumbnails can be applied to all uploaded images, new uploaded images, or select images chosen by the user. It is useful when the dimensions have been altered for the thumbnails or if the user has switched to a new theme that uses different image sizes.

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