6 great stock photo and vector websites you will love

6 great stock photo and vector websites you will love

6 great stock photo and vector websites you will love

So you’ve been tirelessly gathering images for your portfolio, and you are ready to start trying to sell your graphics on a stock photo website. With so many to choose from, you may not know where to begin in making the decision of what website to offer your collection on. Here are some quick reviews of some of the popular stock photo websites on the Internet today to help you narrow down your search.

1. Shutterstock:

This stock photo website has consistently been a top-selling website. Because of the way their site search feature is set up, the newer photographs receive greatest priority in results. New uploads are known to boost sales of an individual portfolio, drawing new attention to the older graphics that it contains. It is straightforward, tending to avoid over-personalization such as individual profiles and displayed ratings. It offers a subscription-based business model that many find to be preferable.



2. iStockphoto:

This industry giant is credited with being the first website of its kind. It is still in the top-selling bracket for stock photo websites. Regular users speak highly of the fact that iStockphoto is a virtual community and network on top of the basic functions it provides. It operates in many countries, and the application process is simple and requires three sample graphics from the applicant. For someone looking for exclusivity, this website is a good choice.



3. Bigstock:

This stock photo website is actually owned by Shutterstock, but it is definitely a horse of a different color. Its sales are usually erratic, and it is a much smaller operation than its parent. It has high ratings when it comes to the reviewers and their turnaround time. Many users find the upload process to be lengthy, and with 30% commission, many find that they typically don’t do as well here. Sales seem to often come in waves or spurts.



4. Fotolia:

They pride themselves on being what they call a social marketplace. Their business model claims to be based on the music industry. They are ranked in the top three of their kind and have a large database of images and users. They offer subscriptions or credit-based memberships and are an international company. Customers can search for photo and video content using a number of different criteria. They are well-known for their fair prices on extended licenses.



5. Getty Images:

They have one of the largest libraries, and many large businesses and advertising agencies swear by them. They are known to be easily navigated, both by customers and those uploading to sell. They do not currently deal in vector images. They are on the high side of expense, which means that if you manage to sell your graphics here, Getty will make sure they fetch a high price.



6. Graphics River:

This stock photo website does offer vector photos. It has royalty-free images. Some users feel that the review standards for Graphic River are a bit strange compared to others. It is less widely-known, so may not offer your images as much visibility as other stock photo websites.


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