6 great plugins to turn your WordPress site into an e-Commerce success

6 great plugins to turn your WordPress site into an e-Commerce success

6 great plugins to turn your WordPress site into an e-Commerce success

WordPress is so much more than just the online journal it seemed to start out as. It has become a successful and popular interactive website hosting experience that offers many options for turning your blog or webpage into a profitable e-commerce site. It has easy to use interfaces, and there are more add-ons and plug-ins being created all the time. If you think a small or midrange store could be beneficial on your WordPress-hosted website, you may want to check out these 6 plug-ins:

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce prides itself on being easy to use for everyone from the seasoned pro to the beginner. It offers many unique features, including an option for customers to share their items and their purchases as a way for you to get a little bit of helpful free advertising. It has many extensions and themes and offers a full range of analytics to help you keep track of your store. It can accept virtually any payment method and allows you to set up shipping however you wish.


A free, full e-commerce system, e-Shop is very popular and easy to customize. It can be made to look virtually any way the shop owner wishes. It has easily accessible statistics for inventory, purchases, and other activity. It only accepts a couple of online payment forms, or you have the option of letting e-Shop take the physical payment. If you do this however, you can’t currently print out an invoice to send to your customers along with their purchases. Its features include inventory system and customer sign-up, among many others.


Jigoshop provides the ability to set up a shop quickly and offer a variety of product types, organizing them into easy-to-manage categories that help customers narrow down their search through a large inventory of different items. Downloadable content, services, and products that come in different sizes or colors are all supported. It’s free and has stats and inventory for maintaining a neat store.

WP e-commerce

WP e-commerce is a very popular e-commerce tool. Another full-service system, WP e-commerce has more features than e-Shop, including a drag-and-drop store interface. It accepts almost any payment method, including all Paypal and Google-related forms as well as checks and money orders. Users can view or print out invoices, but they are not customizable. It boasts minimal pages from purchase to completion of checkout.
5. Ecwid is a complete system including shopping cart and e-commerce solutions. It is very customizable and easy to use, and the users can create whatever look they choose for their online stores. Ecwid uses Ajax, so this may impinge upon your search engine optimization and make the store hard to load on computers that don’t support Java.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is one of the simplest e-commerce plug-ins available. It places a one-click shopping cart on any page or post, or places an “Add to Cart” button wherever you like. The code is not extensive, so your page will not lag when loading. It is great for smaller scale businesses and websites. Customers pay using Paypal, and invoices are easy to view and print.

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