5 quick ways to improve your WordPress website

5 quick ways to improve your WordPress website

5 quick ways to improve your WordPress website

With WordPress being one of the most popular and user-friendly website hosting providers on the web today, there are many strategies and add-ons that can improve your blog or website no matter your skill level with web design or programming language. Here are five suggestions for quick improvements you can make to your WordPress website:

1. Try implementing a little search engine optimization.

Including keywords and popular phrases pertaining to your subject matter in headings, menus, or bold lettering within the text body can make your website more visible to people using search engines. The more often you are adding new content to your website, the higher up it will typically appear in results for relevant search strings.

2. Rethink your navigation menus.

People are more likely to stay on your page longer and view more of your content if your links and pages are well-organized. Use of breadcrumbs can be very helpful to viewers. This is a link trail, usually categorized, that can lead them back to where they began or take them back a level to view additional content. By making your most popular content available through a link rather than expecting people to scroll through everything to find what they are looking for will dramatically improve the experience people have when visiting your website.

3. Take your load time into consideration.

If your page is heavy with large files or advertisements, people are less likely to view all of your content. The number of people with lightning-fast Internet connections is increasing, but a large number of people throughout the world are still using minimal speeds to connect. Try spanning large articles over a few different pages and they will load much more quickly. Reduce the number of large picture and video files that load with the page. These should be used sparingly to effectively highlight or illustrate your written content.

4. Use add-ons and plug-ins to your advantage.

Make sure you deactivate any that you aren’t currently using as they can really bog your page down. Update them, as well as your version of WordPress, regularly to ensure you have the best and latest. There are many add-ons that can improve your website in one quick step, such as WP Supercache. It loads a static version of your page rather than the full HTML version. This will increase your load time on viewers’ screens.

5. Think about the viewers experience

Many of the tips to improve your WordPress website are related to the viewers’ experiences, but increasing your security is one important thing to do to improve your page for you. By updating WordPress regularly, you can take advantage of their team of experts who are working to improve security all the time. Back up your database frequently so that you don’t lose important content. Set up a method of temporarily blocking users who enter a wrong password too many times. Change the default administrator user name to something hard for anyone to guess. If you leave it as the default “admin” all someone has to do is come up with the password and they have gained access to your websites inner workings.

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