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creature The One of a Kind Art of Justin Gershenson-Gates

Artist Showcase: The One of a Kind Art of Justin Gershenson-Gates

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Sunsets. Nature. Machines. These are just some of the things that inspire United States Artist and Sculpter Justin Gershenson-Gates in his incredibly unique works of art. With a folio featuring incredibly detailed mechanical works and jewellery, this artist is one of a kind. Designers Best Friend talks challenges, inspiration and much more in this exclusive interview with this amazing US talent.

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Kemono Ladies  by Zambicandy Designers Best Friend

Artist Showcase: The Delightfully Playful Art of Zambicandy

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The delightfully playful work of Zambicandy is fresh, beautiful and elegant. It is no surprise that this extremely talented freelancer has over 1 million views on DeviantArt, with a portfolio which is as diverse as it is full of excellent art. Designers Best Friend talks ponies, sparkles and pink with US artist Zambicandy in this exclusive interview.

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The Avengers Basti Tóth aka Todmanhero Designer Feature & Showcase

Designer Showcase: The Stylish Work of Basti Tóth aka Todmanhero

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With years of experience in the field and an incredible talent as an illustrator the German Artist and Designers Basti Tóth (aka Todmanhero) is an exceptional talent. When asked what he does, he explains he is ‘trying to make the world a more beautiful place’ – something which he is definately achieving with his detailed and techincally excellent fashion label Infest Clothing. Designers Best Friend talks sketches and threads in this exclusive interview.

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